Matt Steelio

Once in a blue moon a musician comes along that effortlessly shifts an audience into four wheel drive and takes them for the ride of a lifetime.

Matt Steel is without a doubt a talent that has taken the wheel of country music and headed off road.

With a style described as “Country Rock with a Southern Charm” Matt Steel knocks on the door to every heart with his honest lyrics, pure voice, and positive energy.

Matt’s musical journey began with a love of singing. This love quickly grew into a passion and purpose that transcended every obstacle.

A self taught guitar player, Matt was driven to expand his own understanding of music through influences in all genres and continues to be inspired by musicians with true commitment to their craft.

His self-titled debut, “Matt Steel”, reached over 250,000 fans worldwide, making him the #1 independent artist on MySpace, at the same time he rose to #1 on the country music charts for independent artists on ReverbNation. His 2005 North American tour culminated with a feature on Thursday night football with the Houston Texan halftime show.

His second album “Keep Running” brought international fame, being selected as the official song for the Gumpathon, a run across America by Royal British Marines and American Marines.

The second album also features his music video “Mud Bog” that went viral on YouTube and streamed on radio shows both in the United States and internationally.


With more than a decade of performing as a solo act, Matt has not only created a dedicated fan base, he has produced a vision – music with a finger on the pulse of what’s really important – helping those in need. Matt has written songs and performed for countless philanthropic and charitable organizations, lending his voice to those so often without one.

What’s ahead? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, Matt Steel music is definitely humming along in high-gear.

Thanks for coming to visit us here at Matt Steel’s official website. We thank you for your love and support. If you don’t own any Matt Steel music, now would be the time to check it out. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Live large, love hard, and CRANK IT UP!